Buy a bug zapper

Lady with bug zapper
Practicing my form on the back deck

It’s a cruel joke when you live in Canada that as soon as the weather gets warm, the bugs come out. First, it’s swarms of black flies, followed by mounds of mosquitoes, then the cavalry arrives in the form of deer flies and horse flies that literally take a chunk out of your skin when they bite you.

I have found solace in this world of insects. It’s called a bug zapper.

The first bug zappers were potent. You could see the electricity coursing through the electric coils, and see and hear the spark when the bug got zapped. The latest versions have been dialed down a bit, probably because too many kids stuck their finger or tongue in them and got hurt.

To me, bug zappers are one of the pure joys of summer. They allow you to shift power and take back control in the war against bugs.

This week’s Happy Act is to buy a bug zapper. Don’t be driven indoors or let pesky pests spoil your summer. It will be the best $1.50 you’ll spend.

8 thoughts on “Buy a bug zapper

  1. I have an Uncle in law who has every kind of bug zapper. He laughs every time that big blue light up zapper makes a sizzling sound. And, even though I am a nature lover, it is a comforting sound to fall asleep to when you are out ‘camping’ in the trailer.

    1. Seems like there are a bunch of us that love our zappers-my friend Alison tweeted me to say her husband “pimped” hers and amped up the shock value. Love your how to build a fairy house blog post, bookworm Smith and don’t feel guilty about the zap–you can still be a nature lover even if you love to zap mosquitoes!

  2. Love the bug zapper.. I love sitting outside in the evenings and that bug zapper provides peace and entertainment for the whole family! 🙂

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