Host your own awards show

Man and girl with awards
Dave accepting the Swinnie for Loudest Farter and Clare for Best Hockey Player

It’s the end of the awards show season, a time to recognize and celebrate the best of the best. We held our very own awards show last weekend, the “Swinnies”.

It was the brain child of my very creative and brilliant daughter Grace who is forever coming up with awesome ideas for us to do as a family.

As awards shows go, it was epic. Clare sang the national anthem (note to awards show producers —this should be how every awards show starts).

There were over the top musical performances, wardrobe malfunctions, someone even tripped on the red carpet. The acceptance speeches moved us to tears…of laughter.

My favourite moment was when Dave accepted his award for Loudest Farter, when during his tearful acceptance speech, Clare asked, “What, did you just smell your own stench?”

This week’s #HappyAct is to hold your own awards show. Make it epic. And don’t forget to watch the Junos tonight honouring the best in Canadian music.

Dog with award
Bella won the Swinnie for Best Idiot–a shoe in

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