Sing like no one is listening

Tim singing
Tim rocking out at our company’s Summer Celebration

Special guest blog by Tim Aylesworth

Laurie asked me to be a guest blogger a few months ago to cover while she is away on vacation and I eagerly said yes because:

  1. I am a ‘Happy Act’ follower and have been since she started her blog.
  2. She is my boss. (Ok, I would have done it anyway even if she wasn’t my boss).

Then I completely forgot about it until in late June when I was vacationing in North Carolina visiting my brother-in-law and family and I received a message from Laurie asking if I was still interested in writing a post. I’m no dummy so I said ‘of course’!

I had no idea what to write about. As a musician, playing music makes me happy but that was just a little too obvious and not everyone is cut out to play an instrument.

While in North Carolina, we decided to try Karaoke and it hit me. Everyone can sing and singing makes you happy! I had my topic. Maybe you only sing loudly and badly, but you can sing. And the perfect opportunity to be loud and bad is Karaoke! You might not want to inflict your singing voice on the unsuspecting public but you can Karaoke in the comfort of your home. Just fire up YouTube and there are tons of Karaoke versions of songs just waiting to be massacred.

And talk about laughs! We each took turns picking the next song. The teenage girls picked Bruno Mars ‘Uptown Funk’ which is a really fun song – I really got into it. The same teenage girls were then horrified watching their parents sing Meat Loaf’s ‘Paradise by the Dashboard Light’ (all eight and a half minutes of it). We split the boys and girls up for ‘Summer Lovin’ from ‘Grease’ and we were surprisingly good.

My brother-in-law Dan picked ‘I’m Too Sexy’ by one-hit wonder Right Said Fred (he seemed to know all the words without looking). The teenage girls eyes were rolling again when Uncle Tim started ‘shaking his little tush on the catwalk’. There is video evidence of this that I hope never sees the light of day.

I’m usually a pretty good singer but I got really bad in hurry and I loved it. It was liberating just to belt it out with worrying about being in tune or even getting the words right.

So my #HappyAct advice to you is the next time you are at a party and or a family gathering and things are a little dull, go to YouTube and make your guests sing Karaoke for their supper. They might protest at first but soon everyone’s sides will be hurting from laughing so hard.

A word of warning. You might want to confiscate everyone’s phone first or you might become an unwilling YouTube star yourself.

Tim Aylesworth is a communicator and singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who just released his fourth CD “Sending Out Waves”. Tim records his music in Rushin’ Draggin’ studio, his small but mighty home studio. 

Ed. note: We are all HUGE fans of Tim’s music at work. He is such a talented musician. Be sure to check out his songs and support him!

Listen to Tim’s music: CDBaby

Tim singing
Tim volunteers his time to sing at many charity functions, like this event for United Way

5 thoughts on “Sing like no one is listening

  1. Awesome job Tim! I know exactly what you mean. We just had a family gathering a week ago featuring a lip-sync “battle” between relatives and friends. Most were hesitant to participate at first, but once we got rolling, everyone was eager to throw their inhibitions aside and let it all out. The results were amazing. Sure to be a component of family gatherings going-forward.

  2. Karaoke is one of those things that my wife and I love to do (badly of course). We actually owned a Karaoke machine…but, used it so much that it wore right out. As you mentioned, now we just use YouTube and sing into our homemade mics.
    I’m a big singer in the car too – 80’s super ballads are the best to belt out (when the windows are closed of course, haha). I always feel a bit happier when I’m out of breath from singing a Journey song.

    1. I love Ray’s comment about we need to get over our inhibitions–it’s so true, so don’t worry about closing the windows, Matt, worst that can happen is you give someone a laugh!

  3. We had a great time too!! I only sing that loud in the shower, car and apparently in the living room doing Karaoke with you guys!!

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