What’s it to ya?

Sign that says the right way to hang toilet paper is over the roll

A friend of mine shared a story at work the other day about a family gathering she was at. Her nephew was getting ready to go outside and had his left boot on his right foot and his right boot on his left foot. His grandfather pointed it out, suggesting the kid may want to change. The kid replied, “What’s it to ya?”.

The grandfather thought about it for a moment, realized he didn’t care, and said, “Nothing. Fill your boots.”

We all laughed, and started talking about things that drive you crazy if they’re not done “the proper way”.

For instance, we agreed the proper way to hang toilet paper is with the paper on the outside, not the inside, and yet some misguided people still hang it the wrong way!

Somebody else said they hate it when people cut toast because toast shouldn’t be cut. Who knew there was toast etiquette?

When you load the dishwasher, do you put the cutlery in facing up or down?

I remember when I was a teenager making grilled cheese with a friend. She told me I was doing it wrong (in my family, we always made cheesie melts in the oven instead of toasting them in a frying pan).

My best friend Leslie still tries to convince me to this day to make bacon in the broiler instead of on the stovetop because she says it’s easier to clean up and tastes better.

This week’s #HappyAct is to remember one phrase the next time someone tries to get you to change something that, in the end, doesn’t affect them one iota. What’s it to ya?


4 thoughts on “What’s it to ya?

  1. So, Dr. Phil, who I don’t care for, advises the following……” Do You Want To Be Rght or Do You Want To Be Happy?”.
    I strive for happy but I know people who would chop of their left leg to be right!
    Unless ofcourse you find yourself suffering from Moronaside…. that would be the affliction of being affected by the result of the actions of a moron in which case sometimes it’s best to be right.
    In closing, let’s not forget “Commonsense” which is currently in extremely short supply.

  2. Well I agree with everything. I do not care how it’s put on as long as it’s put on. When I’m died and gone they will still be asking the age old question which way is the right way. Nope the right way is the happy way.

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