Autumn ablaze–a photo essay

creek with fall colours

This year the fall colours have been particularly spectacular. I tried reading up on why, but got lost in words like chlorophyll and carotenoids. I don’t care about the science. I’m just grateful for the beauty of the area we live in.

Here is a photo essay from my Thanksgiving weekend. Enjoy the colours while they last, and Happy Thanksgiving!

yellow and red treesseagulls on a dock in the fall

porch with fall decorations

clouds over water

high cranberry bush

fall trees and sky

deer in woods


Girl walking in fall leaves

sunburst through trees

8 thoughts on “Autumn ablaze–a photo essay

  1. In Australia we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. I always tell people that Thanksgiving is my favourite Canadian holiday because it’s like Christmas without all the drama.
    I miss pumpkin pie the most…it’s completely unheard of here. Also our turkeys are the size of Emus so the preferred bird is called a turkey hind and really why would you!
    Happy thanksgiving and I give thanks for your remarkable uplifting blog.

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