What do you do if you’re not sure what makes you happy anymore?

Sign what makes you happy

My horoscope yesterday said, “Do what makes you happy”. The problem is, I’m not sure what that is anymore.

Call it the pandemic blues, call it middle age (okay, I’m being kind to myself here), but I’ve found myself pondering this question the past 24 hours.

What used to make me happy was simple. My family, my beautiful lake and property, visiting with friends and neighbours, little things like the refrains of the piano drifting through the air while I sit on the back deck with a glass of wine.

These things still make me happy, but I’ll admit, it’s more subdued now.

I wish I was one of these people who found a new passion and purpose during COVID. I haven’t. I’ve fallen into the cohort known as “languishers” the term coined by the New York Times to describe those of us feeling joyless and aimless, and “slipping slowly into solitude.”

With things opening up, you’d think I’d be chomping at the bit to reach out and connect with people, but I’m not. I was talking to a friend at work the other day who felt the same way. It’s not that we have social anxiety, it’s not that we don’t miss people and would love to see them again, we just don’t have the energy.  

They say one antidote to languishing is to immerse yourself in a project. But that takes energy too.

So dear readers, this week my #HappyAct is to ask you for advice. How do you figure out what makes you happy again? Please, leave a comment.

6 thoughts on “What do you do if you’re not sure what makes you happy anymore?

  1. Laurie, this past Thursday my cousin Paul asked me if I wanted to join him for Plein Air painting. We found a lovely spot in a cove on Lake Ontario. Paul’s acrylic painting turned out beautifully. Mine, a 5 year old child painting, but it made me happy. I enjoyed it so much, I mentioned we should do this again and try painting the Babcock Mill in Odessa.

  2. I know exactly how you feel. Like you, I have counted my blessings several times and get the same number every time. It is that energy thing, I used to have energy now, not so much so what to do. The ‘they’ say lots of things, exercise, new hobby the list is endless so, what makes me happy, reading blogs like yours. Keep up the good work and here are a few smiles for when you need them 😀😀😀😀😀😁😀

  3. Our lives go through peaks & valleys and everyone can agree that we have just been through a very challenging period. Be kind to yourself and take it one day at a time. I hope your “languishing” feeling is only temporary and you find some new inspiration to put the wind back in your sails. ❤️💙🧡💜💚

    1. This is so true, Jilly, I think Leslie said it best. She said it’s like we’ve all been in a cocoon and we’re just not ready to come out of it and start flitting about…

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