Life lessons from happy cats with cattitude

Two cats staring at each other through a window
Photo caption: Yoyo and Ginsu in a standoff. We renamed Ginsu “Lil Putin” because he makes trouble everywhere he goes. 

Those of you who know me well or who have followed this blog, know I am a dog lover. In the interests of diversity, equity and inclusion, I welcome the diverse perspective of cat people. I hope you enjoy this week’s post on cats from guest blogger and cat lover, Jill Yokoyama!

When Laurie first started writing her weekly blog I remember commenting on the name “happy act” and joking that she would have to do a “happy cat” post sometime. That day has arrived! 

I have always been a “cat person” and growing up our family always had a cat or two as pets. For the last ten years, Gary & I have shared a home with our cat Yoyo. She is a run-of-the-mill brown tabby with lots of “cattitude” and one of Gary’s lines is “Careful, you can be replaced; there are 20,000 cats just like you in Hamilton…” Despite this joking threat, she has worked her way firmly into our hearts and we are endlessly amused by Yoyo. 

After spending the last two years 24/7 observing Yoyo, here are some important life lessons from a cat:

  • Always take the opportunity for a long nap. Even if it seems like you just woke up from a nap, it’s never too early to consider another one. 
  • Wallow in the sunshine whenever possible–close your eyes, stretch out and relax.
  • Spend a few minutes every day with your people, showing your love & affection for them. 
  • Be curious about the world around you, whether it be the swirling flush of the toilet or what might be on the kitchen counter.
  • Take joy in small pleasures. Chase a piece of string around the house like it is your most precious treasure. 
  • Defend yourself loudly and unreservedly when a bully comes around. Even if you are small, puff up your tail and fur and believe in your ability to take on a larger foe.
  • Always say yes to treats!

We hope you enjoyed this week’s #HappyCat!

5 thoughts on “Life lessons from happy cats with cattitude

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  2. I loved this post about cats from a self-proclaimed “cat person” and guest blogger, Jill Yokoyama. It’s great to hear from a different perspective and learn more about these fascinating animals. Yoyo sounds like a wonderful companion and it’s clear that she brings joy and entertainment to your household. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

  3. As a cat lover, I can definitely relate to Jill’s perspective on these mischievous feline friends. It’s always fun to read about the antics of cats and their unique personalities. Thank you to the author for sharing this guest post and providing a space for cat people to share their love for these amazing animals.

  4. It’s great to see some love for our feline friends on the blog! Yoyo sounds like quite the character and Lil Putin certainly sounds like he adds some excitement to the mix. It’s nice to see people appreciating the diversity of pets out there. Thanks for sharing Jill’s guest post and giving some love to the cats!

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