Kick it forward and help women with breast cancer

Last week on LinkedIn, I saw a post from my cousin Wendy in Winnipeg called Comfort is Freedom. Wendy’s list of accomplishments is lengthy—she’s a wife, mother, advocate for health and women, and President and CEO of Bressante, a company that makes breast prosthesis for women who’ve had breast cancer.

After I liked and shared her post, Wendy emailed me to tell me about a Kickstarter campaign she started to raise funds to make breast prostheses for 10 women across Canada and the United States and one group, Cancer de Mama in Mexico. These are women who can’t afford a breast prothesis and are unable to live in comfort and need help.

Wendy and her team can fit prosthetics effectively at a distance but they need funding. Their goal is to raise $12,500 and they only have until June 15th to do it.

In her post, Wendy wrote, “I believe that comfort is essential for a happy life. Being comfortable can mean many things. You may be content with your job, your relationships, your spirituality; that is one kind of comfort. What about physical comfort? Many of us struggle to be comfortable in our clothing, to be comfortable in our own skin. Women that have a mastectomy or other breast surgery have extra challenges.”

This week’s #HappyAct is to join me in supporting this great cause and kick it forward. Make a donation on (search for Building a Better Breast Prosthesis by Wendy Smith). Share this post. Help spread the word.

About Kickstarter: Kickstarter is an online crowdfunding site. You give by credit card, and can give as little as $1. Your credit card only gets charged if the project succeeds in raising its funding. You will be asked to sign in and provide your name and email address. If you’ve never supported a campaign on Kickstarter before, this would be a great first project—I made my first pledge this morning. They were at about $3,500 of their $12,500 goal.

And for those of you who liked my post last week on the Science of Happiness, Part I and said you were looking forward to part two—stay tuned. A blatant ploy to keep you reading each Sunday! Have a great week everyone.


Wear fuzzy socks

Fuzzy socksWhen the cold weather hits (and let’s face it, it’s hit hard this winter), there’s nothing better than to curl up, hibernate and put on a pair of fuzzy socks.

Hands down, fuzzy socks are in my books the best textile invention of the 21st century. They just don’t keep your feet warm. They flood your feet with waves of comfy softness, making you feel warm and cozy all over.

My mother-in-law was a Victorian Order of Nurses foot nurse. She always says take care of your feet. It makes sense. The average person will walk 115,000 miles in a lifetime, four times around the earth. During an average day of walking, the force on your feet can total hundreds of tons, which is roughly the same as a fully loaded cement truck. So it only makes sense to take care of your feet and keep them happy.

If you’re going for sheer warmth, stick with wool, but if you want an itch-free, cushy ride that will make you warm and fuzzy all over, wear fuzzy socks.

So this week’s Happy Act is to take care of your feet, make them happy and wear fuzzy socks. What favourite item of clothing makes you happy?