Toast your buns

Mother and daughter in car
Grace and I fighting over the heated car seats

Minus 27 degrees Celcius. The deep freeze is finally here. The consensus on Facebook yesterday seemed to be the best way to beat the cold was to stay inside.

Not us. We spent three hours down at the lake yesterday, clearing off the rink, skating, skiing and even having a hot dog cookout. After warming up inside, we headed out again, this time in the car to Westport for a church spaghetti supper.

I don’t consider myself high maintenance. I don’t own a Coach purse or Gucci wallet. I drive a 10-year old Honda and I’m just as happy with a simple pasta supper at home or at the church in Westport than getting dressed up and going out to a fancy restaurant.

But there is one luxury I have come to appreciate, especially in the dead of winter–heated car seats.

Whenever we venture out on a cold day, the girls and I race to Dave’s car and fight over the front seat. The victor hops in the passenger side and cranks the dial to 24 or 25 and waits for the warmth of the seat to make their tush tingle. It’s luxury, pure luxury on a cold winter’s day.

Clare usually wins, because she “claims” she gets car sickness in the back seat of Dave’s car. Grace and I think it’s a sinister ruse. Trust me, it’s hard to be sympathetic when the little minx blurts out “My buttocks are burning!”

Happiness isn’t a warm puppy when it’s minus 27 outside. Happiness is a heated car seat.

This week’s #HappyAct is to fight for the front seat, or find something to keep your buns toasty warm. And if one of your kids claims they feel car sick, be heartless. Race as fast as you can to claim the front seat–no butts about it.

7 thoughts on “Toast your buns

  1. Seat heaters in the car are the best. Right now at MacKenzie Lake I wish we had them inside. It’s -45. Pipes are frozen. Going for a walk to get warmed up.

  2. Many years ago my elderly Aunt had the fortune of winning a Lexus at the Casino in Gan. She and her husband headed down about a week after the win to pick up the car (it was August). My Aunt insisted on driving the new car home and began to play with some of the bells and whistles. I think you know where this is going. She managed to turn on the seat warmers to a very high level and then couldn’t figure out how to turn them off. That was one hot driving down the 401!

    1. That’s so funny, but who cares if your buns are too toasty in August if you’ve won a new car! Fantastic. And Libby, I hope the cottage warmed up for you…wouldn’t it be great if some inventor worked on a lazy boy with heated seats. Tell Murray to work on that, will ya?

  3. Funny you should blog about this. I used to always sit on the heater vent in my bedroom when I was a kid – toasting my buns. Sometimes I’d make a little tent with a blanket. It was great b/c my room was always drafty. Last weekend, when that blast of freeze came through, I found myself standing over the heater warming my feet. I considered sitting down, maybe making a tent, but there were no blankets nearby. Either way, Warm feet = happy feelings.

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