Take Kid President’s Awesome Year Challenge

 I was researching videos for work last week and watched a bunch of the Kid President videos. I found this one from 2013 I hadn’t seen before, Kid President Awesome Year Challenge.

I know it’s the end of January, so I might be a bit late to the party for New Year’s resolutions, but I’m taking his advice and throwing a “Take the Kid President Awesome Year Challenge” party and inviting all of my readers to make 2016 awesome.

Watch the video and then decide what you’ll do to make 2016 awesome. In the video, Kid President asks, “have you watched the news lately?”, then shakes his head. It’s easy to shake our heads and despair about what’s going on in the world. Or, we could do something about it, even if it is just small things like opening the door for the person behind us, giving someone a hug, or a high five. I mean, that’s what this blog is all about. We need to make the world a happier, more humane place, one happy act at a time.

This week’s #HappyAct is take the 2016 Kid President awesome year challenge and choose three things you will do to make 2016 the most awesome year ever, for you, your family and friends, and one for a complete stranger or the world we live in. I’m going to think about mine and maybe do a bit of research first. After all, I don’t even know if you can send a corn dog in the mail, but I’ll find out.

The power of positive words

Puppy with words who is awesome, you are awesomeRecently I was in a team planning session at work and for an icebreaker, we had to share what our favourite word was. I was intrigued by the words the people at my table chose and why.

One girl chose the word “fluffy” because of the way it sounds, and all the f’s. Another girl liked the word “cozy” because of the way it made her feel. One guy loved the word “awesome” and said he used it all the time.

Words are the frame for the pictures we paint for people. Let me give you an example. I used to complain about being overweight. One day a co-worker said to me, “you know, Laurie, I never thought of you as heavy until you kept calling yourself overweight.” Needless to say, I’ve stopped saying anything about my weight any more. Through my choice of words, I had painted a negative image in the person’s mind.

Never underestimate the power of positive words. They can be highly persuasive and influential in creating the outcome you want to achieve. This is no secret to any business leader or those of us in communications and in media who know it’s all about crafting the right message to achieve a desired behaviour or action.

This week’s Happy Act is to join me in a little experiment. Choose five positive words and use them at least twice a day for the next week and see what happens. One of my words is going to be Awesome. Some people say words like Awesome are overused, but I think that’s just because the word is so awesome.

Report back on what you found: did you find you had a more positive outlook this week? Did you notice any change in the behaviour of the people you talked to? Leave a comment. Have an awesome week.