Where do you turn when you feel all alone?

sign that says this too shall passI’ve learned something important about happiness this week. It’s hard to be happy when you feel all alone in the world.

This week, for reasons I won’t disclose I’ve felt very alone and isolated. In fact, I can’t ever recall feeling quite this way before. I struggled to find my own inner happiness. I tried, oh, how I’ve tried, but I’ve learned it’s difficult to be happy when you feel all alone.

Here are some of the things that helped this week. Hopefully they will help you too if you ever find yourself feeling this way.

  • Being around other people. On Friday, I went for a skate at Market Square in Kingston. Just being around other people laughing and having fun outside on a beautiful cold winter’s day made me feel better
  • Spending time with my animals. No matter what, your pets will always love you.
  • Spending time outside—feeling the sun on my face, going for a walk on a crisp wintry night surrounded by the stars
  • Calling an old friend and hearing a friendly voice
  • Playing the piano. When I play the piano, I forget everything else and just concentrate on the notes, and the beautiful melodies floating up from the keys.
  • Writing—I guess it’s no surprise I’m writing this post at 4 in the morning when I couldn’t sleep

When all else fails, indulge in a good bout of tears, preferably in a hot tub under the stars. At least, that’s what my Mom always used to say (well, not the hot tub part–that piece of wisdom is mine).

This week’s #HappyAct is to share a comment on this week’s post. Have you ever felt all alone in the world? What did you do? And don’t worry about me. I’m hopeful, this too shall pass.

Ed. note: While generally I try to post positive, uplifting happy acts each week, I believe it’s just as important to know and spark discussion on what makes us unhappy.

4 thoughts on “Where do you turn when you feel all alone?

  1. Agree with all you have said Laurie. I live alone with my dog in the country. I both love and hate my place because it’s quiet and secluded. It’s easy to feel isolated and alone. When I’m feeling down, I try to get moving. Walks with my dog, exercise, trips into town, and music. I am currently considering taking a night course, as much for the content as for the opportunity to socialize.

  2. Wow…that’s exactly how I felt the past few days. I’ve tried to focus on all the good things in my life, which are plentiful, but I still spent time crying. Wish we could spend time together to commiserate. 💕

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  3. I think this time of year doesn’t help. Dark and cold, particularly in greater Toronto where there’s just a half hour of daylight. Seasonal affective disorder, et al. Please note you’re one of the coolest, friendliest and most professional people I know

    1. I just wanted to thank everyone who reached out to me this past week. I am feeling better. When we feel alone, it is comforting to know there are people who care and will reach out, and to know we aren’t alone in feeling this way. I was surprised at how many people confided to me that they too struggle sometimes with similar feelings, people who lead busy, active lives. Thank you all for caring. We have many communities in our lives–family, friends, co-workers, and yes, even online communities. It’s great to know we are all there for each other when we need a friendly voice or help. As my girlfriend Danette always says, hugs to all.

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