Where will you be in 2030?

man looking into future

Read any online news site at this time of year, and inevitably you will find an article on why new year’s resolutions fail.

New year’s resolutions are destined to fail because after one transgression, the mind will say, “oh well, I tried” and we fall back into old habits.

A more powerful and interesting exercise is to try visioning instead. Instead of saying what one thing will I do different this month or year, picture where you want to be a decade from now.

Where do you want to be in 2030? For most of us, I suspect the answer doesn’t involve significant life changes, just small changes and pivots to help us focus on what’s important in our life and what we want to do to be happy.

Here’s my answer.

I will be living in my same house on my beautiful lake that I adore and that has become a source of peace, happiness and solitude. Dave and I will be empty-nesters, but we’ll be OK. We’ll rejoice in our individual pursuits and cherish the time we spend together hiking, travelling and enjoying our lake.

I will be thinner and healthier (yes!) from being more active, instead of sitting at a desk all day.

I will write for 2-3 hours every morning, with the goal of being published.

I will continue to remain active in my community, volunteering, attending concerts with my friends, playing sports and doing things in the daytime (OMG, what a thought!)

I will take courses, either through the Queen’s Lifelong Learning seminars or through our local Seniors Association.

I will watch in wonder as my daughters discover who they are as adults, support their passions, and be there when they stumble.

I will be there for family and friends and be grateful for what each day brings.

This is my vision.

What’s yours?

2 thoughts on “Where will you be in 2030?

  1. Laurie,
    I remember when you bought your house on the lake. I remember how everyone thought you were nuts buying a place so far outside the city, given how long a commute it would be for you into work. It’s nice to see that decision will be soon be paying off handsomely for you in retirement.
    The worst, and best, thing that ever happened to me was hitting that deer on my motorcycle almost ten years ago. I almost died that day; I refer to this new life chapter as “Bill 2.0”.
    – Bill 2.0 is thankful every day he wakes up.
    – Bill 2.0 has accepted his dark passenger Epilepsy he was introduced to in the trauma ward after the accident as a lifelong acquaintance.
    – Bill 2.0 hasn’t consumed alcohol in over five years. Epilepsy doesn’t like to visit when there’s no booze in the house; it just hangs around the neighborhood.
    – Bill 2.0 is thankful to have met someone new. This significant life change means other changes will be simple course corrections.
    My 2030 vision:
    I will be living with my new bride Judy in our desirable condo in Ottawa, unless our knees tell us to buy a bungalow.
    We will be living a few km’s away from my son Jake who will be celebrating his 10th anniversary as an IT professional in the federal public service.
    I will continue to work out every second day at fit4less, even though the fee has risen to $9.99 biweekly.
    I hope to have kept my dark passenger at bay to allow me to continue to drive a car, but if not, I will accept this new reality. I will concede that battle but epilepsy will be nowhere near to winning the war. I will continue to be physically active and healthy.
    I too will be there for family and friends and be grateful for what each day brings.
    – Bill

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this, Bill 2.0. I’m so happy you are doing well and have such a wonderful vision for yourself in your new city and new life. Next time you are in the “old town”, call me!

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